Mountain Holiday House in Winnetou land
Viola Adriatica Holiday House Croatia
Have a great time surrounded by nature
Viola Adriatica
Only 10 km from the beach
Novi Vinodolski - Croatia
Make a barbeque or grill with your
friends or family
Newly renovated holiday house
at Winnetou film location
Viola Adriatica
Holiday house for your vacation
Viola Adriatica
Holiday House for your summer vacation in Croatia
Viola Adriatica Viola Adriatica newly renovated holiday house in a heart of a Winnetou land at a location where last movie about Winnetou was filmed. Beautiful surroundings and scenery with lots of green forests and plains with wild horses, many bycicle and hiking trails at your doorstep and only 10 km away from beautiful Adriatic sea beaches in town of Klenovica and Novi Vinodolski. You will be amazed with a beauty of nature which surrounds a house. For your relaxation there is a badmington court and a little football court at a house backyard. Outdoor terrace with a big fireplace where you can enjoj a barbeque or grill with your friends or family is at your disposal. There is an outdoor bed in a shades of a hundred years old oak trees, everything you need for your dream vacation. You can take a mountainbike and explore surrounding nature. Take a pictures with wild horses which were in last Winnetou movie. Wisit the place where Winnetou willage was or take a swimm at nearest beach which is only 10 minutes away by car. This awesom holiday house will be a paradise for outdoors and nature lovers. Intact nature but so close to civilisation. Holiday house Vila Adriatica has two beautiful bedrooms with large king size beds, fully equipped kitchen, large living room with 2 couches, 2 large chairs, LCD TV and a bathroom. Everything you need to spend an awesome vacation with your family or friends. Nearest city is Novi Vinodolski (15 Km) and Crikvenica (23 Km). Nearest beach is in town of Klenovica (10 Km). In Klenovica there are restaurants and caffe bars, beautiful beach where you can swimm and refresh from the summer heat. Don't forget to take your camera with you to capture those beautiful moments while spending your holiday time in Vila Adriatica and Winnetou land.
Viola Adriatica Holiday house
Winnetou land horses
Viola Adriatica
From :
€ 100
  • Bedrooms :
  • Guests :
  • Included :
    Free Wi-Fi, grill, badmington court
  • Check-in :
    14:00 h
  • Check-out :
    10:00 h
Viola Adriatica has 2 king size bed bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 living room with 2 couches and LCD TV and fully equipped kitchen.
Outdoor large open air terrace with roof, large fireplace for grill or barbeque, large wooden dining table with benches, outdoor bed, large rocking chair, swing, badminton court, small fotball court.
Viola Adriatica holiday house
Wild nature close to the beach
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Holiday house Viola Adriatica
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Nice cozy beds for lovely dreams
Viola Adriatica bedroom
Viola Adriatica bedroom

Winnetou Village

Krmpote, Croatia
Winnetou Village, Krmpote plains, Croatia, spot where was filmed third and last film about Indian warrior and Apache chief Winnetou, a Karl May legend. Winnetou Village is only 1 km from the house Viola Adriatica. You can see plenty of wild horses all arround the plains. Those horses were in the movie about Winnetou. All the sceenery looks like Wild West and that is why this beautiful location was picked for purposes of filming this beautiful movie. Now you have the chance to be a Winnetou and spend your time with your family or friends in the heart of Winnetou land, enjojing a beautiful nature, see hawks in the air, take a great pictures from your vacation and an awesome memories as well. We are hundred percent sure that you will have a wish to come and visit us again. Karl May's Winnetou novels symbolize, to some extent, a romantic desire for a simpler life in close contact with nature. If you have that desire to be a part of a beautiful nature, house Viola Adriatica will be a right spot for you and for your dream vacation.


Seaside village, Croatia
Klenovica is a seaside village in Croatia with beautiful beaches. Klenovica is there since the 17th century, when the village was named "Krmpocana" (part of Krmpote), The small fishing village is located (as the crow flies) 6 km. south-east of Novi Vinodolski (10 km by road). In Klenovica live just over 400 people, including many famous fishermen. In the small harbor are the old wooden fishing boats that are still being used. There are many restaurants by the sea as well and you can enjoj beautiful colorful sunsets there with your family or friends. It is only 10 km away or 10 minutes by car from holiday house Viola Adriatica.

Novi Vinodolski

Novi Vinodolski, often also called Novi is a town on the North Adriatic Sea coast in Croatia, located 10 km south of Crikvenica, Selce and Bribir and north of Senj. The city area became a Frankopan property in the 13th century, marking the period to which the most valuable heritage is dated, including the Law codex of Vinodol. City hinterland is dominated by the Vinodol Valley, used for agriculture and winemaking. Economy of the city is dominated by tourist industry, as Novi Vinodolski is well known tourist centre situated in an area largely unaffected by other types of industry and it offers a wide variety of tourist amenities. It is only 14 km away from Viola Adriatica Holiday House. In Novi you can restore your supplies, food and beverage which you can buy in one of large shopping centre areas. You can do a vine tasting in Vinodol Valley which is very known of wine production. Good wine is very important for health and good mood while at vacation so you can pick a bottle or two there and drink it in a heart of Winnetou land with your wife or a close friend.

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Thank you for visiting our pages. We welcome you to spend your summer vacation with us in Krmpote, Croatia at film set location of Winnetou movie. Have a lot of fun with your family or friends in our cozy Vila Adriatica Holiday House.

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